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Virtual Summer Camps

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Virtual summer camp with Theater, Creative Writing, and Sensory Art!

On Broadway (Grades K-2)
On Broadway (Grades 3-5)
Creative Writing (Grades 3-8)
Art Sensory Class (Grades Pre-K- 2nd)
Space, Robots, and Disco Donuts

Class: Muckrakers- Introduction to Journalism-  *Sold out*

Dates: June 29-July 3

Ages 8-11

Enroll Now

Description: We will look at the history of journalism, examining its purpose and evolution over time. We will study famous muckrakers who exposed corruption via their in-depth, and sometimes undercover reporting. We will read and analyze credible sources, discuss the qualities and elements of a news story, and write informational articles using different writing techniques. Students will implement the five W’s through research and conduct their own interview. They will endeavor to write a lead and quotes as part of their news story structure. 

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