Kids Music By Marcie

Singalong Songs for Healthy Child Development


-International Recording Artist with Top 10 major label dance releases
-Certified to teach pre-k through elementary school.
-Master’s in Elementary Education with Creative Arts Integration
-Bachelor’s in Psychology with minor in Dance and musical theater concentration

Where is Marcie?

Marcie is currently teaching grades 1-3 at a Montessori school in Massachusetts.

During COVID-19, Marcie has been teaching full-time in person in a school with strict safety protocols. Additionally, she has created a virtual curriculum and brought it to students grades pre-k to 8 worldwide. She has also had the privilege of performing multiple virtual shows for children around the world. She created “Big Feelings”, an on demand social emotional curriculum series that went on sale in January, 2021.

Since 2014, Marcie has been busy teaching preschool and elementary school in Boston, as well as teaching drama for grades k1-8.  Her other classes are listed here. She is available for parties, and private playgroups, and will be performing at upcoming public events around the area!!! Come out and sing along 🙂


As a songwriter and performer, I focus on:

– Community building
– Developmental psychology and play therapy
– Music as communication
– Meaning and fun in our lives at any age

I view music as a vitally important part of a child’s development. I believe creatively engaging children encourages independent thinking. Children who learn to trust their instincts, abilities, and ideas, develop a sense of safety in their external and internal environments.

I love singing with and for kids, as I have a strong interest in the developmental benefits music has for the young mind. Children respond in a pure, uninhibited, and genuine way to the joy of music. Participating early on in song and dance helps children learn safe and healthy ways to have fun and feel good. Music is educational in that it helps kids learn patterns and rules, and deal with emotionally complex or confusing ideas. Music encourages teamwork, cooperation, exercise, and friendship.


I have established myself as a songwriter in the dance music genre, with top 10 chart positions worldwide. Through this experience, I have had to manage myself, and become proficient at the legal and financial aspects of the business. Thus, I have a strong knowledge of how much it costs to make an album, and videos, and what kind of profits to realistically expect.

Making money from music is very difficult, even with the success that my songs have had. Songwriters are often left struggling to be credited properly in a music industry that is rife with lawlessness. I have always worked full time with children in order to pay my bills, and used the rest of my time to write, record, and perform my original songs.  I used full funding from kickstarter to produce a top quality album, alongside experienced musicians and producers. I was able to share my songs with children everywhere, and I didn’t need to worry about recouping the cost of the album from sales. I made songs from my first full children’s album available for free to the public.

I was lucky enough to meet my goal on kickstarter! Any and all remaining money was used to promote the album and set up a tour of children’s events, parties, school’s, and more. I’m always happy to perform for free at area libraries, fundraisers, toy store sing-a-long hours, etc.


Take this journey with me!

I learn from children each day. Their energy and purity of emotion inspires my passion for songwriting. The idea behind my album is to express songs that live in my heart in order to connect meaningfully with future generations. As I continue my studies in education, play and music therapy, I bring expanding knowledge to my songwriting.

Thank you for your help to make fun songs that strengthen community.

To visit my other musical projects:

8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Marcie, You are so talented. I just listened to There’s a Bug in my Room. So cute. I will be taking time to listen to everything else you have posted. All the best to you and Anthony. Alice (Paul’s cousin)

  3. Thank you Alice! I’m glad you are enjoying the music, and I appreciate your kind words 🙂

  4. Wow, this is great. I love the focus on community and communication through music. It’s completely necessary.

    I stumbled on you from Tumblr posting my own music. I’m actually trying to be a bit subversive and speak to parents a bit with my music as well. Going from the angle of learning to understand our kids and see things from their perspectives.

    I’m looking forward to showing my girls your tunes. Thanks for being you! It’s seriously encouraging.

  5. Hi Marcie,
    Thank you so much for your spectacular performance at the Mather Elementary school in October. You were fantastic and the kids loved you! You made the party fun! We really appreciate all that you did for us!! Best regards, Stacia Chuairy & Mather Parent Council

  6. Hello Marcie,

    My children and I run into you at a birthday party and we love all the singing and the face painting😊. I’m interested in talking to you about a birthday party for a one year old- August 16th between the hours of 3-5pm. Please email me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

  7. Hi Marcie,

    I was interested in your services for my sons bday party on nov 1st.
    I am looking for someone who can play music and also do some crafts w the children (age 2-6) 6 kids.

    You can reach me via email.thank you


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