Kids Music By Marcie

Singalong Songs for Healthy Child Development

WOW!!! We made it with time to spare!!!

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Can you feel the positivity? I am ecstatic, and humbled to be able to say that the funding goal has been reached with 51 hours left to go!!!!

Check the backer map!

Thank you for pledging, sharing, tweeting, and all your encouragement thus far. The last 28 days of fundraising have been magical. I’ve been jumping out of bed every day feeling optimistic, creative, and excited. I’ve met wonderfully supportive people, and I’ve knocked on a lot of doors that have opened up to fill me with new inspiration. I value all your involvement, and thank you for taking this journey with me. We will be really proud when we see children smiling and singing along with the songs!

Please keep spreading the word! Any additional funds will go to make the project BIGGER and BETTER, and to put smiles on the faces of as many children as possible!

Thank you,



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