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New Press! Music and Manners

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I am honored to be included in the latest post on Inside A Mother’s Mind. Please read this if you ever feel your small thoughts of kindness are going unnoticed. They are not, and they are worth it every time.

The author, Thuy Yau, is based in Perth, Australia.  She is a novelist, blogger, and mother of three. As she says, “Everything I write is to help inspire, motivate and encourage others to lead better lives”. Her blog is full of positive and encouraging words for those of us balancing our dreams and obligations in a choatic world.  Thuy has an admirable outlook on life.  As she says, “By strengthening your relationships with other people, you are acknowledging the contribution that EVERYONE makes.”  I appreciate Thuy sharing my music with her readers, as music is one of many things that brings us together and opens our hearts to one another.  My children’s album is not about advertising and spam, but is about making connections with the world around me in a deeply meaningful way based on all I’ve learned and experienced in my life thus far. Witnessing a child absorbed in music is a perfect example of how pure the interaction of music and emotion truly is, once was, could or should be…for all of us.

One thought on “New Press! Music and Manners

  1. Hi Marcie,

    I was really happy to include your music on my website!

    Children really are the future and there are many outlets from which they can learn – one of them being music. And I cannot stress how important I think music is for a child’s development and entertainment.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, I am the one in awe of you!

    I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

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