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Friends With You – (Collaboration with Solnce Vera Ostrova)

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Did you ever have a pen pal? I had many growing up. I’d exchange snail mail letters with out of town friends I met at summer camp, and with children around the world that I met through different pen pal services. Letter writing  helped open my eyes to the similarities between people in different cultures. Kids today may write via the computer more than the pen or pencil, but they can still have pen pals, and make new friends in far away places.  This concept is explored in my new song, Friends With You.

“Friends With You” is a duet with the amazing Solnce Vera Ostrova. Solnce and I both have releases in the dance music genre, (she is best known for her work with Armin van Buuren). We became friends through our work with the Vocalist Songwriter Alliance, an organization we have been helping set up to advocate for the rights of songwriters in all genres. I asked Solnce to make a guest appearance on my children’s album and, (corresponding via the internet), we developed a song concept and wrote it together. The message of the song stems from deep in both our hearts. We hope you will feel the love we put into it, and have as much fun with it as we do.

It’s an honor to call Solnce my friend. I’m so happy she shared her talent and beautiful voice, and I am grateful for her enthusiastic support, positive energy, good humor, and kindness.

Thanks as well to Anthony Webster  for putting the pieces together for the final production. His production and engineering help has been invaluable to me for this album.

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