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Have A Robot Party! (Free Music & Craft Ideas)

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Disco Donut RobotStep 1: Download your FREE copy of Disco Donut Robot, along with 19 other FREE kids songs from Make A Discovery

Step 2: Have a Dance Party with your kids! Put up disco lights or a string of Christmas lights. Wear crazy colored clothes or costumes. Toss in some props to make movement to music even more fun, (scarves, hula hoops, sunglasses, etc). Add some percussion in the form of Tupperware and spoons.

Step 3: Play Robot themed games! Here are ideas from

Robot Freeze Dance: Have kids dance like robots and freeze when the music stops!

Robot Races: Have kids walk like robots (straight legs, stiff arms), and race to the finish line.

Step 4:  Be inspired! Make your own Disco Robot using boxes and recycled cans.

Here’s one made by a five year old fan, using blocks, tin foil, M&M’s, and imagination:

Step 5: Celebrate with healthy snacks to refuel. For a special treat, try a Robot Cake With Donuts (From
 For more Robot Snack ideas check out Kathie Cooks. Here is Kathie’s fun idea for Robot party favors:

Checkout 30 Robot Birthday Parties at Spaceships & Laser Beams
Download the full 20 songs from “Make  A Discovery” for FREE  here:

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