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Singalong Songs for Healthy Child Development

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Mommy Poppins Boston Endorsement

Music Classes for Boston Kids Taught by Their Favorite Music Performers

Does your child come home from a kindie concert completely star struck by the performer on the stage? Does he know – and sing – all the words to all of Josh and the Jamtones’ or the Jumpin’ Monkeys’ tunes? Does she want to dress up and perform just like Karen K or Marcie Joy? Would you like to get the award for Best Parent Ever by offering your little musician the opportunity to sing and dance with these stars?

Well, you’re in luck, because quite a few of our favorite local musicians are also amazing teachers, sharing their talents with kids lucky enough to live in the Boston area.  Read more….


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Happy Listeners!

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.07.44 PM“Received your [free] CD and we have only been in session 2 days but we already are enjoying your music in our classroom. Thank you!”- Lenore Ward, Sparkplugs (4/5’s), Speedway Co-op Preschool, Indianapolis, IN
Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 8.23.52 PM

Well, I {finally} found kid’s music that doesn’t drive me batty. In fact, it rocks (as does the woman behind it – Marcie Joy.) Download all 20 songs for free!

– Kristin Quinn, Misadventures in Mommyhood

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Summer Camp (6-8 year olds) Curriculum Review

“You were a great asset to our program this summer and the children had a ball.  I would love to have you back, it would be awesome.  Thanks again for everything.”

Krishna Foran, Senior School Age Child Care Director at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston


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Together Kids’ Inspiration Garden at 2013 World’s Fair

264425_10151610962555516_536264457_nThis Spring I had the wonderful opportunity to be the Youth Activities Coordinator for Another World’s Fair 2013.  The giant outdoor all ages block party was held in Cambridge’s newly designated Central Square Cultural District in conjunction with Boston’s Together Festival and the Central Square Business Association.

“Stellar, stunning work and follow through”

– David Day, Creative Director, Together Festival

“I’ve heard only great compliments about the event and how well managed it all was.  It wouldn’t have happened without you!”

-Robin Lapidus, Director of the Central Square Business Association

The Together Kids’ Inspiration Garden featured interactive activities blending music, art, and technology. Highlights included incredible installations from Sept Through May and NuVu Studios, alongside “…full kinetic, mental and creative absorption” from Terry the Inventor Mentor. Kids became giant puppets parading around the park with help from the Puppeteers’ Cooperative.  Sidewalks were decorated with themed chalk art facilitated by Urban Canvas, faces were painted by Jenny The Juggler, and hundreds of Key Chimes were created at the arts and crafts center.

 522074_10151610975475516_323206605_n  SAMSUNG 941826_615852448428071_2073574244_n 964177_615853658427950_1850011688_o  20130513_134749SAMSUNG    SAMSUNG  969120_493620190693881_594098213_n  971533_493620154027218_776040265_n   969225_493620124027221_751884407_n   577595_493619910693909_278459851_n   

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Kenya Kidz Reviews

“There’s A Bug In My Room not only teaches compassion, but promotes kindness towards the earth’s small creatures. The book is creatively and colourfully full of pictures topped with a picture book adaptation of a song, great for kids to sing along with the words on the page.”

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“The new album has been designed to encourage the use of imagination, kindness to others, respect for each other differences, the importance of communication, and the idea that we all learn from our mistakes. It is also full of funny, energetic, thoughtful songs that will get you and your child singing, smiling, and dancing along.”

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