Kids Music By Marcie

Singalong Songs for Healthy Child Development

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Playdipity Performance Review


“We had such a great time working with Kids Music by Marcie.  The children were engaged in the performance from beginning to end, and loved seeing the “robot”.  Marcie has an amazing voice and energy, she is so professional, and we definitely look forward to working with Marcie on another event at Playdipity® in the future!”

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Family Music Night @ Henry Bear’s Park- Cambridge

Henry Bear Nov 15 Flyer(for web)Come out to Henry Bear’s Park Family Music Night for a special performance! Kids will sing, dance, laugh, and learn. FREE!!!

Henry Bear’s Park  is a bright and friendly place full of toys, games, and books that inspire.

Friday, November 15, 2013

5:00 pm- 6:00 pm

Henry Bear’s Park

Porter Square, Cambridge, MA

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Little Lovage Club Launch Party

RSVP to Little Lovage Club Launch and Coco Baby’s 2nd Anniversary Party on Sept 6 from 4-6. There will be music, baby animals, a chance to sign up for classes, viewings of new fall merchandise and so much more!Party invite_digital

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Pick Up The Pieces Together

I recently found this old home movie of my brother and I learning to roller skate and bike ride:

Sometimes we fall and get hurt. Aiming for perfection is unrealistic for all of us, but aiming to be the best we can be while enjoying the process is ‘perfectly’ doable. We want our kids to be resilient, and to understand that practice is required for proficiency. Struggle is often necessary before a skill becomes automatic.

We want to advise our children against doing what we feel will cause them pain. We aim to help them avoid making the same mistakes we made in our own lives. Remember that making a mistake is an opportunity and a portal to new ways of thinking. After all, we don’t learn to walk without falling. Falling helps us find our balance, and once we can walk, we learn to run. Once we realize it’s okay to make a mistake, we learn to problem solve and think creatively around obstacles.

Accept ourselves for who we are. Be fearless and soar with imagination.

We are along for the ride with our children….we are there to support them, and pick up the pieces with them.


In May, Pragmatic Mom opened a thoughtful dialogue about the challenge of parenting passion in kids. Please read her post here:

Teaching Perseverance to Children: Lesson from a Yo-Yo Champion

*As adults, we aren’t required to be perfect.*  We are allowed to learn from our mistakes as we find success.  My friend, Thuy Yau, author of Inside a Mother’s Mind,  says it well in her inspiring blog post:

 There is No Success Without Failure

Here are links to some of my favorite children’s books about making mistakes, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and treasuring our unique attributes:


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July 31- Free Event @ Life Alive Urban Oasis

life alive 7-31What a way to start your day! Nurture your body and soul with kid’s music, smiles, organic fusion food, fresh juice, and smoothies!

FREE Event at Life Alive Urban Oasis Organic Cafe. Held in the beautiful relaxing downstairs space, with lots of room for singing, moving, and stories.  Geared for preschoolers, but all kids welcome. There is room for strollers.

During the event, caretakers are welcome to enjoy the delicious food, smoothies and juices Life Alive is known for.


Debut Kids Album Complete! FREE Here! (20 tracks)

 Complete Album FREE to stream or download now! 

 Kids will laugh, dance, jump, and learn!

Get it NOW! 3 EASY ways to stream & download. All 20 tracks as well as the album artwork is included!

1) CLICK to download

2) Soundcloud   (Stream & download)

3) Bandcamp (Stream & download)


As a singer/songwriter, Marcie has  made a name for herself in the dance music scene with Top 10 releases worldwide. With a degree in psychology, Marcie has spent a decade working as a nanny, camp counselor, tutor, and children’s musical choreographer. Marcie is currently pursuing a master’s in elementary education.

 Make A Discovery (Songs for kids) is Marcie’s full length album geared for healthy child development. The album was initially funded through Kickstarter, and as thanks to fans all around the world, the complete album (20 songs) is offered free for all! Picture eBook included.

 Imagine Your Way:  

 Make A Discovery features 20 sing-a-long songs ranging in musical genre and topic. Highlights include the lighthearted anthem Fetch, the energetic Squiggle, and the quirky Disco Donut Robot. There’s also the earnest Friends With You. Back Home Soon received early acclaim from critics for its comforting message that deals with school anxieties and separation issues.

 Celebrate Your Life:

Make A Discovery encourages the use of imagination, kindness to others, respect for each other’s differences, the importance of communication, and the idea that we all learn from our mistakes. Make A Discovery is full of funny, energetic, thoughtful songs that will get you and your child singing, smiling, and dancing along.

Bonus FREE Features:

Make A Discovery includes collaborations with guest artists from around the world, two bonus tracks and FREE picture eBooks.

  Picture eBook:

“There’s a Bug in My Room” comes with a free picture ebook adaptation formatted for all eReaders, (download here).

View the song and illustrations on youtube:

 Download the FULL Album! FREE to stream or download now!

                  All 20 tracks as well as the album artwork is included  HERE.

 Click links to stream and/or download  on  Soundcloud   and    Bandcamp.

Click album art to enlarge!


 CD’s available free of charge for schools, libraries, community centers, hospitals, and other charitable organizations.

 To have a hard copy CD sent to you, please email

 For performance inquiries, please email