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International Major Label Singer/Songwriter, Marcie Joy is helping spread #BeatsForPeace!

Our mission is not one of politics, but of Peace. Regardless of our religion, nationality or political stance, we all want the same thing: PEACE. Whether you are directly affected by conflict or simply a supporter of Peace, we want to hear your voice.

Gather with your friends and fellow supporters in a location of your choice to express your hope for Peace. Sing, dance, send a message how ever you’d like – its up to you. Through our collaborative efforts, we seek to spread a message of Peace through music with #BeatsForPeace

It is important that we all stand together throughout this movement. Please refrain from making political statements of any sort, as it is our goal to unite. We welcome you to join us:

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Friendship February: Music & Doodles!

Celebrate Friendship with Music and Doodles!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to use music and art to encourage our kids to show their  love for family and friends. When children feel confident enough  to appreciate  diversity, they naturally find ways to accept and include one another.

  Here is a FREE download of Friends With You – a song about a friendship that blossoms across cultural and geographic differences.



TALK: Use the story in the song to spark a conversation. Share how you met your friends, and how your children feel their friends are the same or different from themselves. What does being a friend feel like?

DOODLE:  What does the song inspire you to draw?  

Meet talented artist, Haley Gatewood of Stick-Figured Out. She  has vowed to draw a doodle a day for the all of 2013!  She generously donated this charming image inspired by the song Friends With You:

By Haley Gatewood

By Haley Gatewood

Don’t forget some healthy snacks! (As featured on Woman of Many Roles)

“The only way we are ever going to ensure peace on this planet is to adopt the entire world as “our family”. We are going to have to hug them, and kiss them. And dance and play with them. And we are going to have to sit and talk and walk and cry with them. Because when we do, we’ll be able to see that indeed, everyone is beautiful, and we all complement each other beautifully and we would all be poorer without each other.”

― Stan Dale