Kids Music By Marcie

Singalong Songs for Healthy Child Development

Webinar with Marcie: Social Emotional Learning Through Artistic Expression

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Presented by TestingMom.Com, a company co-founded by best selling author and expert on school admissions, Karen Quinn, and New York City’s Gifted and Talented Parent Expert, Michael McCurdy.

This is not a typical summer, and students are experiencing unprecedented stressors related to social distancing and Covid. Join Marcie for interactive social-emotional learning through artistic expression. Marcie will share puppets, songs, stories, and related projects that foster social emotional learning, and strengthen virtual communication skills. With your child, she will explore issues of kindness and diversity, and acceptance of self and others. Marcie’s teaching taps into children’s inherent resilience and creativity; allowing for constructive problem solving and self-expression through various artistic mediums.

Question and Answer period follows class.

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